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Birds are better when birded together!

What: Great Wisconsin Birdathon
Where: The places we protect! (see below)
When: May 10, 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
How: Email or call (608) 258-9797

Join Groundswell's team, Gone Pishin', for Wisconsin's fifth annual Great Wisconsin Birdathon, a statewide effort to raise support for bird conservation. Last year in our inaugural birdathon, Gone Pishin' raised $475 for bird conservation and recorded 107 species, including 22 species of warblers.

This year we want to be bigger and better. That means more birders, more birds, and more fun! Birds enrich our lives so much, and this is our opportunity to give back to them. We've raised our goal to $1000 for bird conservation. Half of all money raised will go to the Natural Resources Foundation's Bird Protection Fund, while the other half will be used to plant the next 5 acres of prairie at our Westport Drumlin Preserve.

For the early bird(ers), we'll begin birding at 6:30 am at the parking area near Wally Bauman Woods. We'll hike out to Picnic Point along the lake and back through Biocore Prairie, finishing our Lakeshore Nature Preserve hike around 9:30 am. Here we can expect to see warblers and waterfowl.

Those who need to warm their wings before taking flight for the day can join us at 10:00 am at the parking lot on the north side of Patrick Marsh in Sun Prairie. We'll hike around the west side of the marsh through restored prairie and savanna habitat. Last year we spotted 7 bobolinks, abundant warblers and thrushes, and dozens of American white pelicans at Patrick Marsh! We'll stop for lunch just after noon (around 12:30 pm).

We'll soar to Westport Drumlin Preserve in Waunakee for the last flight of the day, from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. A rich prairie and savanna landscape, last year we checked off several species here, including orchard oriole, american kestrel, and even a pileated woodpecker passing through!

We hope you'll be able to join us for one or more sections of our trip this year. Birds give each of us an everyday connection to wildlife and a much needed window to the natural world. Yet across the state our birdlife is facing mounting pressure from habitat loss, invasive plants and animals, pollution, and various hazards from severe weather to window strikes. If you can't join us, consider making a donation to our team to help plant the next 5 acres of prairie at Westport Drumlin Preserve.

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