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NEWS Here's what's happening at Groundswell

9/1/21 Join Jim. Create a Legacy.

10/7/21 Town of Dunn Food Cart Night rescheduled due to rain

7/23/21 Groundswell gear is here! Show your support for conservation where you live with t-shirts, hats, and more.

5/26/21 Thursdays Farmers Market at Linden Cohousing continues in 2021

5/13/2021 Important good news for a small part of the Wisconsin River

2/3/2021 Take action to support the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program!

12/2/2020 GivingTuesday results! Thank you for making conservation a priority.

11/20/2020 Good News! More land protected in the Town of Dunn

5/31/2020 Supporting Hmong growers during the pandemic

5/26/2020 Spring campaign and drawing for $500 Fontana Sports gift certificate. We all win when we make conservation a priority!

5/19/2020 Charitable Giving Considerations for 2020 [Recording]

5/12/2020 We're hiring! Join our team as the Development and Outreach Coordinator

4/10/2020 Groundswell develops and approves strategic plan for 2020-2024

3/27/2020 Good News! productive farmland permanently protected.

3/26/2020 Groundswell operations during Coronavirus

3/18/2020 Good News! More wetlands added to the Town of Dunn's conservation landscape.

1/29/2020 Public Comment Open: Application for Renewal of Accreditation.

12/20/2019 Good News! Another piece added to Black Earth Creek’s conservation landscape.

12/3/2019 Conservation was your priority on #GivingTuesday!

9/10/2019 Good News! Wetlands Permanently Protected.

6/10/2019 Spring Drawing Winner Announced. We all win when we make conservation a priority!

6/9/2019 Groundswell Conservancy, MCF join to help Hmong Farmers

4/10/2019 Spring campaign and drawing for tickets to Lake Wisconsin Cruises. We all win when we make conservation a priority!

3/29/2019 Good News! Another Town of Dunn farmer protects land.

3/26/2019 Take Action today to renew and strengthen the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program

12/21/2018 Good News! Two farms permanently protected in the Town of Dunn

12/11/2018 Good News! Hill-top property protected as a future public park for the Town and Village of Oregon

12/5/2018 Good News! Protection of wetlands and farm land on Swan Creek.

12/3/2018 We're Hiring! Join Groundswell's team as the new Conservationist.

11/1/2018 Good News! - Bald eagle wintering habitat permanently protected

10/31/2018 Good News! - More land conserved at Patrick Marsh

9/28/2018 Good News! - Important addition to French Creek Wildlife Area

7/6/2018 Good News! - Security for Hmong farmers and farmland

6/26/2018 - Important piece added to the jigsaw puzzle of Cherokee Marsh!

5/25/2018 - Lasting scenic protection for Lake Wisconsin

4/5/2018 - Further Protection on Lake Wisconsin

3/22/2018 - We're hiring! Join our team as the Development and Outreach Manager

2/13/2018 - Good news! Rock County land to be transformed and open to public

12/29/2017 - Good news! Wetlands by Yahara River protected

12/22/2017 - Good news! Lake View Elementary has an expanded outdoor classroom

12/7/2017 - Groundswell Conservancy Appreciation Party

11/20/2017 - Groundswell Conservancy 2016-2017 Annual Report

10/28/2017 - 30 years ago today- McLain

10/22/2017 - Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run PHOTOS

10/3/2017 - Natural Heritage Land Trust is now Groundswell Conservancy

9/16/2017 - Town of Dunn 20th Anniversary Picnic

6/29/2017 - Good News! Family donates conservation easement along Rowan Creek

6/07/2017 - You can help protect land at Patrick Marsh

6/05/2017 - Results of Fontana Sports Environmental Grant Challenge

6/1/2017 - Good news! 58 acres protected forever at Lodi Marsh

5/9/2017 - Good news! 50 acres of wildlife habitat protected at Avon Bottoms'

5/9/2017 - Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program at Risk

2017 Field Trip Series

5/10/2017 - Birdathon with Team Gone Pishin'

3/27/2017 - In the News: GOP Denies Dane County Land Grant

3/23/2017 - Good news! 90-acre CSA farm permanently protected in Town of Dunn

3/22/2017 - Good News! ~30 acres of restored prairie and farmland protected forever

2/6/2017 - Good news! Strengthening the protection of a Black Earth Creek Farm

12/8/2016 - Good news! 100 acres of Town of Dunn farmland protected forever

11/28/2016 - Good news! Land Swap at Patrick Marsh and Waunakee Prairie

10/25/2016 - Natural Heritage Land Trust adopts Patrick Marsh Wildlife Area as part of its “Community Connections” program

08/31/2016 - 130 acres protected in the Town of Dunn

08/24/2016 - 356-acre farm permanently protected for agriculture and wildlife

08/11/2016 - Another 34 acres protected in the Town of Dunn

07/20/2016 - Natural Heritage Land Trust receives $38,300 over the next two years from Madison Community Foundation

05/12/2016 - 162-acre farm permanently protected

12/17/2015 - 9.7 acres protected within Westport Drumlin

12/14/2015 - 5,000 feet of Hefty Creek and 252 acres protected. A milestone passed!

12/07/2015 - 26 More Acres Protected at Lodi Marsh

8/5/2015 - Natural Heritage Land Trust Earns National Recognition

7/29/2015 - Bird-Shaped Viewing Platform Rising at Patrick Marsh

5/29/2015 - Stewardship Program Funding Restored by Joint Committee on Finance

10/31/2014 - Over a Mile of Yahara River Frontage Protected

9/5/2014 - Muir Legacy in Wisconsin Further Protected

8/15/2014 - Support NHLT Through EarthShare Wisconsin

8/1/2014 - Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars Here

4/30/2014 - 161-acre Conservation Easement Around Historic House

12/20/2013 - Final piece of land acquired to complete trail

12/18/2013 - 47-acre Wisconsin River Bluff Protected

12/9/2013 - 189-Acre Jefferson County Farm Permanently Protected

11/14/2013 - Students to plant acres of prairie at Patrick Marsh

5/1/2013 - 2.5 miles of Sugar River Protected

1/30/2013 - 36 Acres Protected on Sugar River

12/28/2012 - Permanent Protection of More Lake Waubesa Shoreline

12/20/2012 - 80-acre Farm Permanently Protected on the North Shore of Hook Lake

12/13/2012 - Another ~200 Acres Protected at Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area

12/6/2012 - 6 Acres Added to Cherokee Marsh Park

11/8/2012 - Partner project with Operation Fresh Start thanks to grant from MCF

11/7/2012 - 178-Acre Black Earth Farm Permanently Protected

9/26/2012 - Over One Mile of Black Earth Creek Permanently Protected

8/03/2012 - 166-acre Working Farm Protected with an Agricultural Conservation Easement in Town of Windsor

7/03/2012 - 277-acre Fountain Prairie Farms Protected with an Agricultural Conservation Easement

4/24/2012 - 16 Acres Protected at Allen Creek Wetlands State Natural Area

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