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Town of Dunn 


Did you know that some of the best farmland in the country is right here in south-central Wisconsin? The vast prairies that once blanketed this part of the world built a soil that is second to none for growing the food that sustains us and the agricultural economy that is so important to our state. Over half of the acres Groundswell has permanently protected since we were established in 1983 have been on working farms, many in the Town of Dunn.

In 1997, a conservation event of tremendous historical significance occurred in the Town of Dunn between the Nine-Spring E-Way and Lake Waubesa. Nothing like it had been seen in Wisconsin until that day in April 1997, when the visionary citizens of the Town of Dunn joined with conservation-minded landowners and public and private partners to make the first purchase of conservation land for their new Rural Preservation Program.

The acquisition was significant in that it was the first farmland conservation project undertaken by a Town government in Wisconsin. The citizens of the Town organized to create their Rural Preservation Program to preserve forever the things they valued most about their community: the farmland, woodlands, scenic vistas, and historic and cultural sites. The most remarkable aspect of their program is that they chose to tax themselves to pay for it.

Knowing that their conservation efforts might be challenged by future politics, the Town partnered with Groundswell to monitor and enforce their conservation easements.

Two decades later, Groundswell and the Town of Dunn have permanently protected more than 3,000 acres of vital farmland, rolling pastures, woodlands, and wetlands. More is being done every year.

For more information on the Town of Dunn's PDR program, see:

See a map of permanently protected lands in the Town of Dunn.  

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